AsianDVDClub is currently down

If you see this message you've undoubtedly noticed that ADC has been down for a while. The downtime has been due to an unannounced policy change at our host, slow communication, bad real life timing, and (most significantly) a personal illness. Though the initial cause was a lack of funds. The good news is the host assures me that our server is still up, so it wasn't a hardware failure, takedown, database crash, or anything else along those lines. In the days after the downtime began I was in contact with the host and let them know that the bill would be paid, so our server is still up (but not externally accessible) even after all this time.

The policy change at our host was, in effect, requiring that bills be paid a ways in advance of what had historically been their due date. After some back-and-forth with the host it turns out that they cut off the network access for our server because the server bill had not been paid by this other date, and from what they said during the days after the downtime began this is because some months ago we were late/behind on payment so they want to make sure we pay our bills. However this policy change had not been effectively communicated, thus we had no idea that not only was there no longer a grace period to pay a bill but they need to be paid early to ensure no loss of service. Unfortunately this led to ADC going down at what turned out to be a very inopportune time.

Some of you have seen what the initial plan was during the downtime or at least some form of that plan: get ADC back online now and then move to a new host in the near future when possible. That plan has not really changed, though the move to a new host may be delayed for a while longer than initially planned. If you are currently an ADC member and you want to help get ADC back online by donating through PayPal, you can do so by joining our IRC channel (#asiandvdclub @ Rizon) and sending a PM to ADC's SysOp (if you don't know who that is, ask in the channel) to get the details for the donation account where you can send money. Please wait for a response - which may take a while - before sending any donations so you can be sure the money will go to the correct account.

With any luck ADC will be back online soon. Once the server is re-connected, I'll perform some checks to make sure everything is still working as it should and, as long as everything checks out, ADC will be available again shortly afterwards. This page will be manually updated as needed.