No data retained. Only files info, not files themselves processed on server, torrent created on your computer. BitTorrent Open Source Protocol v1 compatible with all clients and trackers.

  1. Speed of torrent processing depends on the file size & your computer specifications. Torrent Generator uses very few resources, as result its faster than most torrent clients.
  2. To make the torrent, you only need the URL for the tracker announce. If torrent is private you are set to go, for public tracker remove red check mark on "Private Torrent" below.
  3. Process starts when you click on button "Choose Folder" in the menu pick "browse" and navigate to the folder with upload content, choose it and click "upload" twice.
  4. Your local PC folder name will be shown in "Folder (Torrent)" text box, above you will see file information. To avoid guessing most optimal parameters are selected.
  5. Enter the tracker announce URL, keep checkmark "Private Torrent" if tracker is not public, un-check "Creation date" to keep it hidden and enter optional comments.
  6. Click "Create Torrent" creation progress shown on green bars. At 100% green bars & word "Done" torrent creation is completed.
  7. Notice new button "Download Torrent File" click to save torrent file on your computer.
Torrent Name
Announce Address
File Comment
File Source
Torrent Piece Size
    Default will be file size optimized for largest pieces up to 16 MB (maximum compatibility)

Choose and upload (1)
Verify entries (2)
Create and download (3)

Red checkmark means on, click to change

Text will change to your folder information
Click on a tracker to add it to the list!