First, thank you to each and every one of you for coming here. We are very pleased to be able to welcome those of you that have been with us for a long time now, as well as those who are new to the Asian DVD Club.

ADC mission has not changed since 2005, it is to preserve rare and unique media not available anywhere else.

What is happening with Asian DVD Club now? It is fully functional, admits new members and restores former members, with an opportunity for former members to bring back materials they accumulated (as new members are welcome with unique and interesting material to the best of their judgment).

Just a notice, most of the ADC titles are outside copyright enforcement due to an old age. Newer material if not licensed in your country is completely legal to download and share. Although, there might be some country or locality specific laws that you have to check for. But we do not wish members to engage in piracy, person to person file sharing by all means is not illegal.

What was happening recently, why ADC was not accessible for some time? In 2019, we suffered a catastrophic loss of data connected to the system administrator gfk disappearance. Asian DVD Club software and hardware were not updated for a while and became totally outdated, requiring complete from zero overhaul to resume service. And that could've been very expensive as no money were available services were terminated. ADC is working currently thanks to the gift from 1 individual who agreed to cover 1 year of ADC expenses (before inflation kicked in). It was given just recently to retired administrator solcen who previously led the group of members who following collapse were working on restoring Asian DVD Club to the prior glory. But that brave attempt had also failed, as the majority was not willing to give money at all.

One of the side effects of bankruptcy was inability to preserve catalogs and statistics of older generation. Preference was given to rebuilding files database by contributing own libraries instead. Currently, we have about 4000 members registered with close to 1000 being active, more than 3500 torrents with library growing daily. Unexpected surge of old-timers from ADC years back who became interested and rejoining with the large collections preserved from the past, it is a very pleasant surprise.

To summarize, if there is a will there is a way, do you want to be a part of us, find something to upload, we are rebuilding our library!


All 3901 registrants of 2019-2021 retain membership, accounts that are locked currently will be able to login with old credentials following code update. Unparked accounts will have one year to login after site is online (donors accounts no limit). Members active previously will just need to review changes in rules, zero activity registrants will have time to improve stats.
  • First wave, Dec 2021 members and post 2019 have site access already (completed).
  • Second wave, 2019-2021 members with at least 20 GB upload, pre-2019 members with uploads available (being processed)
  • Third wave, new members recruitment for those who have uploads available (being processed).
  • Final wave, 2019-2021 members with zero activity and pre-2019 members without uploads who request participation (first quoter of 2023).
  • No open enrollment planned, can join the site only by invitation or via recruitment. Visit discord and/or forum for more information.