With help of many, the goal of resurrecting the Asian DVD Club was accomplished in 2019-2021. But due to the absence of steady financial support we were unable to keep running the site. Fortunately new sponsors stepped up allowing ADC to provide free service. In the beginning of 2023 following site code update (PHP programmer click ADC logo to contact) full service will resume.

Now site is able to function without obligatory support from members. In October, the limited service will be available to the honorable members who chose to remain at the time of financial difficulties (old database, no need to re-upload). All 3901 members who had registered between 2019 and 2021 will have a chance to be a part of ADC when full service is restored. Members who supported the site and/or actively participated will be reinstated automatically, following the programming update. The rest of registrants that are intended to stay, will have time to improve the stats.

In 2023 after update of the site programming code to improve security and implement new features, pre-2019 ADC members can reestablish membership, priority for those who kept ADC files. Others can join by invitation from ADC members or via recruitment.