We are honest, keep our promises and transparent about what we do. Please, register if you clearly understand and agree (not kidding, really do) to the terms of membership. Not following community requirements, TOS, posted regulations, as well as fraud, cheating, damaging community reputation will make us ask you to leave.

Only two requirements: any ADC first time applicant needs to be ready to make at least one upload in the first week and provide basic admission fee. Anyone who has no problem with that can join us. In general it's always easier for members of known trackers with available for upload movies/anime, like former ADC members to join us. But we do not limit ourselves to them only. We are not currently in need of those who are only interested in seeding/leeching our torrents. Applicants collecting accounts almost always end up quitting, we do not want that.

We are community group, members give and receive equally. We do not have a sponsor. Shared financial responsibility is mandatory as members are the only ones who can provide funds for running, maintaining, developing, providing support and hardware necessary for functionality. $21 once on admission pays for server. Hosting estimated at $30 for 10 years (not a joke, that's what the community means, more members less to pay). Questions? Just ask.

We want you to be sure of your decision, reason we ask for the only payment you have to make in the near future first. And to steer away those with no intention of being a member (hundreds of troll registrations).
If after clicking the button you have connection error try to use VPN.

Registrations prior to 2020 expired.